Energizing and fulfilling acts of Rick Crosby

Energizing And Fulfilling Acts Of Rick Crosby

Energizing and fulfilling acts of Rick Crosby

Helping others is a choice and many people love to offer helping hand to poor and needy. This is really a very good thing to do as it brings peace of mind. It makes us healthy and happy and we feel really content after helping someone. Helping others does not always mean to give money but you can also give your energy, ideas and time to improve the life of others.

We are human beings and we are supposed to help and love each other, but we are not doing it. Most of us think helping others is waste of time. They don’t find it beneficial in any aspect. Nowadays people don’t even have time for their family, then how they can spend their time for others whom they don’t know. Yes, we have become like this. We have lost our values, kindness and generosity. 90% people live for themselves and they don’t want to spend their precious time and hard earned money for the sake of helping poor and needy.

But some kind people still exist. They can spend their hard earned money in order to make the other people’s life easy and happy. Yes, we are taking about people like Rick Crosby. He is a real estate developer and he has reached at the state where earning money is not just a target. He is among those remaining 10% people in the world who live for others and want to serve society anyhow.

He and his wife have registered themselves with lots of charitable trusts. They have been helping poor and needy people for long time. They know the main aim of their life and they are spending their time and money in doing noble acts. They are passing their success to others.


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